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Dr Planet #4 The Elephant in our Room

We acknowledge that this newsletter was written on and our business is located on Wurrundjeri Country. We pay respects to Wurrundjeri elders, past, present and emerging. We give our gratitude and love for their care of their land, water and culture and acknowledge that they never ceded sovereignty.

How we're creating the world of our dreams together!

Hiya fellow dream maker,

I have written to you weekly for the last 3 weeks, and I have not pressed send, for various reasons and oh what a slippery slope this is!

So it's with deepest of gratitude I am sending this to you now!

Writing to you is a very real process for me, that brings me extraordinary joy and gratitude. To have someone with whom I can express my words to and have them received with such trust and love.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you for co creating this space with me where our connection is very real as we journey together in our world during these times.

When I started Dr Planet three and half years ago, I had no idea what was to come. It was actually quite an organic and unplanned outcome to have a newsletter of my musings.

Here I am feeding my hearts longing to reach out and invite in a community of people with the same hopes and dreams, starting with getting to know each other!

Wow hey?!

Well I have been reviewing and appreciating what Dr Planet means to you and me.

Our love of low tox living, community and a world where things are done right.

Hands on right!.

Where every dream box is ticked!

My darling THIS, I believe, is the very seed and foundation for how we are going to meet our times of adversity.

Yep, the elephant in our room.

Our political, social and environmental situation.

I do actually believe and see it more and more that it is up to us to take care of each other and sort this out ourselves.

Hands on!

We know each other, we know our land, we know our common ground.

In adversity, lets remember, there is the greatest capacity for love and connection.

Good will prevails as we have witnessed in our floods, fires and storms within the last 12 months alone!

Right now our community is finding our way., We're showing what we're made of, walking our talk.

Indeed that's why you are here! We're together doing our bit to create the world we want to thrive in for ourselves and our children.

I have loved our communities diversity, and all our mixed views as they have created one big and beautiful melting pot. A respectful space here for everyone.

Differences within community are dynamic and important. It may not be comfortable, however I do love the deep connection I feel with another who has different views to me and we can still hold each other in love and respect.'

We find our common ground and stand side by side on it

My darling, this is still possible It is actually vital in my books. It's our job to keep it alive.


I am committed to our common ground.

💜Dignity and respect for each other.

💜Support for our work that contributes to creating the world we can all thrive in.

💜Healing our land with our loving choices

💜Our freedom and creativity to create solutions to our world's challenges

Gosh so many of these are found in local community collaboration


Ah darling, there is such beautiful potential here. And work to be done, This is also going to require a discipline and devotion to our solutions and choices. Creative ways only a loving heart can bring. and this is where our diversity is golden!! Our world has ended up here by choices we have all made, consciously or unconsciously. We know how to do better you don't have to look far to see it starting now! We're all here ready to take care of each other.

It's in the small, in the everyday choices and actions we make for ourselves And. in our interactions, collaborations, and sharing. Our precious word of mouth, caring eyes and helping hands. This is fertile common ground we stand on together, side by side. To be united to meet whatever comes. For it is ours, our communities and our lands health, and dignity that will be fuel for us to keep going strong in our empowered choices. Community will bring you a meal, rally should there be help needed or an idea to be supported. and tending our land with love and respect. It ripples out from there Some community gold... In a conversation with a dear friend, she shared a phrase her mother told her that came from the 1970's peace protests 'Those who hate war cannot create peace. Those who love peace create peace'.

Let's remember what we love to create and let's not be taken off course. Often there is overcoming a fear to find the strength on the other side. When fear is not in the drivers seat, creativity and love can thrive. This is our strength. Do not be afraid of your strength. You know those heroes we admire, why do you remember them? I bet it was their strength. They were ordinary people like you and me. They made choices that inspired They saw the gifts in their situations and used their creativity to continue.

In Tyson Yunkaporta's words Our Indigenous People's answer to the meaning of life... 'It's our turn to care, for our land, children and old people. For who and what came before, is here and we are leaving behind. Our turn to care'.

We've got this honey bunch. We do indeed have each other with all our united golden hearts loving our land, food and community. I'm choosing to come through this time stronger, more resilient and creative. I'm inviting you all to share this ride with me. Dr Planet is strong, building and creating great work in our world we can enjoy together I'm thrilled and grateful I am here with you. Look at what we get to do. And imagine it some more. Oh goodness! Look at that! I'm beaming, my light is shining again thanks to you!

Love, love and more love to you Chris and the Dr Planet Fam xxxx

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