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We acknowledge that this newsletter was written on and our business is located on Wurrundjeri Country. We pay respects to Wurrundjeri elders, past, present and emerging. We give our gratitude and love for their care of their land, water and culture and acknowledge that they never ceded sovereignty.

'Ghandi taught the people that the British Empire didn't hold the key to their freedom.

'Ghandi taught the Indians that the British Empire didn't hold the key to their freedom. Instead of railing against the Empire to give up their two hundred year rule, he focused in empowering Indians. Rather than fighting the enemy, he roused the dormant inner power of the perceived "victims" by challenging the Indian people to become their own leaders. He advocated self-governance and self reliance. Instead of relying in the English textile mils, Indians began to weave their own cotton threads for their clothes, learned to produce their own salt, and refused foreign-made goods. He taught the Indians to honour the work of their own hands and to take pride in their accomplishments. This rendered the British occupation irrelevant.

This is what a conscious uprising looks like. It makes the oppressors irrelevant. It asks the oppressed to look at the ways they have participated in the perpetuation of their subjugation by asking 'How can I end the ways I am supporting my own degradation? How can I look within myself for solutions for my own disempowerment?' Text from Dr Shefali, 'A Radical Awakening'

Absolutely mind blowing!

I'm actually struggling with how to follow up after the passage above.

I am feeling, Excited Relieved Inspired and Grateful

The answers to our modern day struggles can be found in history. This has been a reminder to me, that in our lifetime, we will face challenges that feel new and unique, and whilst they are to us, these challenges have been around for centuries.

It seems the deviation from this is where the cycle starts all over again…

How did we end up here?

How are we still participating?

How can I support mine and my communities independence and empowerment?

Well, my sweet friend, I have been a very busy bee!

My 'Do' is fully activated and I have been spring cleaning ‘myself’ as well as my business which has actually felt incredibly refreshing.

Spring cleaning my inner world is similar in many ways but different to when I spring clean my home.

I'm clearing out the clutter and whatever else no longer serves me and my family. Removing whatever has ceased to bring joy.

Making space for the new and fresh to be welcomed, whether it be in my mind and heart or in our home.

And with this comes a whole new flavour and feeling.

This is where my gratitude for our LOW TOX DIY Community has my heart sing and soar. We all have our our unique story of what brought us here. A health crisis perhaps? Or Having our babies? Mine was both. Becoming a mama to my son with severe allergies. I can remember hearing about Castile Soap that could be used everywhere? We were short on money, as I needed to stay home and care for my boy, and one wage was a stretch. DIY was a godsend when living clean and on a budget I felt frustrated when I saw clean living as a luxury that was expensive. With my own DIY I could create my own health filled luxury What empowerment I found, particularly when I was overwhelmed with my son's health! I was also able to appeal to my rebel spirit, in my own way, to make the destructors of our planet irrelevant. Ghandi style baby!

You see darling, I don't underplay EVER, our simple acts that emancipate us from the destructive ways on offer. . It's like Mr Miyagi in the Karate Kid Wax on and Wax Off Our simple and consistent acts of independence to live our values and choices. The simple pleasure of your whole food choices bought from your local farmer's market', and you have just kept your food sovereignty alive and well Your low tox bathing and cleaning products, 'you have both fortified and supported yours and your families bodies health and land. As indeed, our bodies and land are connected. When one thrives, it passes onto the other.

In his book Sand Talk, Tyson Yunkaporta shares some Indigenous First Nation wisdom to answer our often asked 'WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE?' The simple and exquisite answer could have knocked me over with a feather. It's our turn and time to give care. We're here to care for the land, ourselves, and each other and to leave the world ready for the generations that follow. YEP!! That's it isn't it! Of course. It's as big and simple as that. It's simply our turn to care now in this life time

So this week I have really made a point of filling my cup with the simple pleasures. These moments are vital for me to keep the joy in my day Most afternoons I have allowed myself to go out for a swim at our river down the road, before I pick my babes up from school. It has been an incredible experience of getting refreshed and ready to flow into the evening with my boys. I even dropped my mother home, who lives in by the beach, so I jumped in for a swim there too… it was amazing! I have to pinch myself sometimes with how lucky we are here in the Valley to have a river down the road, and either the beach or the heart of inner city Melbourne in little over an our at my finger tips! What a thrill to swim like a kid all by myself, and then going to school in wet bathers for pick up! I've slept in my swag in the back garden, under the stars. I’ve seen the sunrise and been woken by both swooping and chattering birds. I have realised that I have 3 heart guiding desires that I check into when I feel off track and then I am set. My mothering My love of feeling my body healthy and strong My appreciation for creating and experiencing beauty I now realise these desires have guided me in all I do, particularly with my businesses, our dearest Dr Planet, and my other business baby, Fill Good Bulk Foods. My love of being a mother, My value on health, And My love for a beautiful home, food, people and creations. These desires have been running the show and I did not even know it!!

Here is a little juicy morsel I will leave you with... What are your guiding desires? I'm talking deep desires, not surface ones that can be turned off and on, the ones you are just wired with? Roll them around and don't let any societal expectations interfere. Make a list... Have an dance, swim or walk and ponder them. Even day dream them! Let them surface and see what comes up. Love and let them in to guide you to your fullest life. (Thanks to Jazze Jervis for her prod to explore my desires!) In the coming weeks from the above passage I am feeling my DIY rising even more. More recipes and products are on their way Creative empowerment on offer over here. Loads if fun I know you're already doing too sweetness! Let's keep it going together. May Dr Planet be a tool for your… Vitality Health Creativity Abundance and Peace

As we are creating our heven on earth I'll share this sweet tune with you) Antony and the Johnson's Knocking On Heaven's Door

So much love to you dear, beautiful and glorious friend. I am so grateful we have found each other and our foundation of love and care during these times runs deep between us. Masses love Chris and the Dr Planet Fam xxxx

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