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Dr Planet #7 Good Morning My Precious

We acknowledge that this newsletter was written on and our business is located on Wurrundjeri Country. We pay respects to Wurrundjeri elders, past, present and emerging. We give our gratitude and love for their care of their land, water and culture and acknowledge that they never ceded sovereignty.

Good morning my precious💛

I'm unexpectedly writing, first thing this Sunday morning,

I'm sipping my cuppa,(chai)

blanky over my lap,

the birds are singing,

the sky has fluffy streaks of fading peaches and pinks

I'm following my flow, my heart, and it is bringing me here with you

So hello luv!

This following of my flow and my heart I am finding so simple and sustaining

Something that a does not need to be taught,.

It has had me just having the faith and confidence to follow it.

Guilt, fear and shame come up every so often.

I keep the faith.

I keep my peace and my loving center

And actually the best medicine for this is to keep following my heart and this sorts those little saboteurs out!

This week I went from my Take to my Dream.

Creativity flat lined, so did my patience one night in particular!

I have swam at the both the beach or river most days.

Who am I keep asking?!!

I have always been the girl who takes half an hour to get into the water on a 35 degree day!

I am curious how this will progress as the weather continues to cool.

Am I going to be that weirdo swimming in the river in her wet suit?

I am known affectionately as the nut lady still.

Love it!

I am daring to just possibly dream of a bit of the old Wim Hof.

Oh lordy!

You see, I'm chasing the feeling of the cool water against my skin and at the crown of my head.

The flow of the river, the smell, the scenery.

The stinging salt of the beach and rocking waves

It's one big immersion for every sense my body can take in and I am reset.

Powerful and simple medicine.

My flow does have a little hiccup when it comes to dishes, and some evening meals And well, this week, I've seemed to have hacked them a little. Seriously I actually accidently stumbled upon the BEST little find I made Cleaning Paste with a twist You know Jif? Well I made it's DIY answer cheap as chips all natural ingredients no waste and like all things when you make your own all natural DIY' it is beautiful!

So come on Chris, stop carrying on! Dish it out! Ok honey Choose a glass jar you want to keep your paste in. A jar you can use on your kitchen counter, and take around with you to clean your bathroom too. 3/4 fill it with washing soda (We sell it plastic free at Fill Good) Pop it In your blender (yep you read that right, this is the twist)

Optional add some essential oils

I made a combo of Dr Planet sweet orange and litsea with Yarra Valley oils local Eucalyptus Oil. The lemon, orange citrus with Eucalyptus was a stunning combo with extra cleaning oompf and an aromatherapy boost


My darling our locally wild foraged, distilled Eucalyptus oil is coming soon to Dr P. I can't wait to share more with you in the coming weeks!)

A sprinkle of water.

Turn the blender on.

Watch it turn to a foam, like whisked egg whites.

Add more Dr P or water if it's dry.

Boom, you're done!

I will have a more exact blender recipe and ratios coming, this was too cool to hold back

Pop paste into your jar

I have used it to scrub my pots until they sparkle, clean my bathroom, I even popped it on a T shirt stain, with a little scrub, all with a sweet smile of satisfaction

Cleaning resistance curbed when I made and played with my little creation

Some fun in the mundane hey?

I made 3 meals from one of my locally farmed Heidi's chickens.

(thanks @mammarevolution for the reminder)

With my DIY rising back up my fortifying cooking is also flexing

Monday I

Roasted my chicken,

Made a paste of olive oil and the spices that had both my heart sing and mouth water.

I painted it over my chook, let it sit for a few hours and as I find roasts so easy, slow baked and forget.

Monday was sorted

The secret to having my chook last for another 3 meals is to have lots of veg next to it.

So the meat is not the main food on the plate, but amongst the other veg

I had turmeric brown rice cooked in stock

(you'll see soon why this was a really good idea)

Roast, crispy potatoes with olive oil and ghee

Green salad summer beans and tomatoes and basil

Coleslaw with peaches and miso in my dressing

Every dish had our Heidi, Sanna, Jordan and Bronte, Tomi, Len and Heather, Chris and Helen magic touches as it was their produce and yummy cooking hints that was infused


Local foods, from local land, no rules just delicious inspiration

Here in the valley we are so blessed to live close to our farmers. It is the way forward with more farmer's markets and small businesses growing and thriving

Remember the turmeric rice?

Turmeric with it's wonderful anti inflammatory benefits and the gelatinous stock has this rice winning as the base for Tuesdays

Fried rice.

I used the rest of the left over chicken,

rice (pre soaked)

More veg, heaps!

I always add some butter and tamari at the end.

For me, that combo is magnificent.

And miso too!

Left overs again was our lunches on Wednesday

Finally there was my chicken stock, that has been added to everything. After 24 hours in the slow cooker

Herbs, older veg, tomatoes like Italians do..


Today I am going to be experimenting with giving the bones another go in the slow cooker

Can I keep using them?

Or is the gelatine all extracted?

I'll let you know

This week, I made some vids of these meals and will add them to my Fill Good socials

The sweet delight of these little creations sustains me.

My appreciation is both fortifying and a balm.

I feel in good stead to flow with what life brings, challenges and triumphs.

And honey it is bringing it!

My flow sustains me.

Fills me with what is good for me

It is my sweet love medicine

How perfect!

I apologize for any grammar or spelling errors, this newsletter is little ol'me writing in the moment.

May your Sunday be filed with what fills your cup.

Every simple and great pleasure be yours to keep your strong and centred

Brave and peaceful

May love and fun be yours to have you ready for your week ahead

This day, week, life and time won't happen again.

Let's live it up and let each moment sustain us for the next

All my love,

Chris and the Dr Planet Fam


I'm always contactable on Instagram, Facebook or via email.

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