Can you imagine making your own essential oils from the gum trees towering over you....


We have made this pipe dream come true!!!!


My dear neighbour, Alison's love of plants has her wild foraging our local to Dr Planet Eucalyptus Radiata tree, just up the mountain.


A vintage distilling set up, fresh mountain water and Eucalypts and we have our own precious small batch essential oil.


This is an artisan, grassroots business and with an essential oil produced with it's wild purity and life force intact.




This humble yet majestic tree has a gentle, for a Eucalyptus, scent with a subtle and fresh peppermint-like finish.









Soothes aches and pains

Clears the sinuses

Clears the chest

Dries up pimples

Clears up fungal infections

A Natural Cleaner and Stain remover

Removes Odours from the air

Promotes relaxation and clear thinking

Repels Insects


DIY with your Dr Planet Unscented. Or add a drop or two to our Sweet Orange and Litsea or Peppermint and Lavender Dr Planet blends. Eucalyptus pairs with these beautifully

    - Keep out of reach of children
    - Do not ingest
    - Consult a health professional if pregnant
    - Toxic to pets and animals. Use cautiously when around animals
    - Spot test on skin, to be sure no irritation occurs

Yarra Valley Oils Locally Distilled Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil

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