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20 mls or 10 pumps from the Dr Planet 500ml pump bottle is a generous amount of Dr Planet to make an excellent grease dissolving dishwashing solution.
The all-natural ingredients make lovely gentle bubbles like a pure soap does, not the excess artificial foam from foaming agents.

Foam is not an indication of a better clean.Your hands will feel softer after a wash from Dr Planet’s rich pure olive oil base.

Your senses nourished from the essential oils inhaled and absorbed through your skin. No artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals.Dishes will be squeaky clean, without any toxic residue. Premium ingredients equal a better clean.
Rest assured, should you choose not to rinse your dishes, Dr Planet is safe.



20ml or 10 pumps from the Dr Planet 500ml pump bottles and a tablespoon of washing soda in the soap dispenser part of your dishwasher is all that is needed.

To give heavily soiled dishes an extra clean, 3 pumps on the door of your dishwasher to have Dr Planet help in the initial rinse cycle is an option you may like too.

As there are no harsh chemicals used, like other Eco dishwasher powders you may need to clean your dishwasher filter every 3 to 4 weeks. 

No toxic residue left on dishes 

The bonus extra, when you open your dishwasher, instead of the chemical smell we have become accustomed to you will have a blast of aromatherapy goodness hit you while your sparkling dishes await.

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Mix 20mls or 10 pumps from the Dr Planet 500ml pump bottles with distilled water in a spray bottle and you will have a surface spray that can be used anywhere in the home. 

Should you mix Dr Planet with tap water after 2 weeks you will find the essential oils degrade as Dr Planet is proudly preservative free. Mixing with boiled water extends the surface spray solutions's life slightly. 

In our home, we have found our surface spray is usually all used up after a week as we use it continuously, even as a room refresher. Should you like your spray solution to last longer than 2 weeks, distilled water is easily found in bulk quantities in supermarkets at affordable prices.


A few pumps of Dr Planet into the toilet bowl and a good scrub with the toilet brush. Even a Dr Planet pump on a folded piece of toilet paper to wipe down the external surfaces. The same soap that gives your hands an excellent anti bacterial  wash  also can leave your toilet fresh and safe without feeling like you have just handled a toxic substance to clean with. A fresh antibacterial clean awaits with Dr Planet.

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20 to 50mls or 10 to 25 pumps from the Dr Planet 500ml bottles in a bucket of hot water has a mopping solution ready to give your floor a dirt busting mop.

A clean and polish will happen with Dr Planet as the grease cutting property of our premium quality olive oil base and our essential oils have excellent cleaning and antibacterial properties.

The best part of a freshly mopped floor is to see the sparkle and to smell the freshness left behind, to receive the satisfaction of a job well done. 

Which Dr Planet scent do feel like bathing your room in today?



Get ready for this little bit of golden advice, should you be in a rush and notice the shower, sink or basin could do with a scrub down, a few squirts of Dr Planet onto a scourer while in the shower or washing your hands at the basin you now have the opportunity to give a quick and enjoyable bathroom clean.

 Yes, that is how we clean our shower now, instead of setting myself up for the task of cleaning my bathroom, I simply choose a time when I will take a slightly longer shower and after I have washed myself, I use my scourer with Dr Planet and give the shower a scrub down too. I love the smell of Dr Planet while I clean and I don t feel like I am dirty after cleaning the bathroom. At the basin and few squirts from the pump bottle reserved for hand washing on to a scourer or sponge and my basin sparkles. I leave myself and my bathroom both clean and fresh and on an aromatherapy high. Ah bliss!

Kitchen tiles and indeed any home surfaces can be cleaned with Dr Planet, even the oven with some elbow grease can get a sparkling clean without the harsh toxic chemicals. Your sponge may be cleaned with Dr Planet afterwards too.

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