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Dr Planet with over 70% premium Victorian Olive oil and pure essential oils makes for a formula we can boast about. No derivatives. No fragrances. Higher quality ingredients, higher quality clean. Superior health benefits.

Dr Planet is a LIQUID Castile Soap handmade in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, AUSTRALIA.

When our son was young we had a real struggle managing his allergies, part of this was looking for a non-toxic soap without the luxury eco price tag while still wanting to address the single use plastic and landfill issue.

So here is Dr Planet….a natural, effective liquid soap that can be used on the body, and all areas of the home our bodies come into contact with. Available in bulk refill sizes too.

Vegan and palm oil free!


Dr Planet's premium olive oil nourishes your skin, your body and hands and you will feel more moisturized the more you lather Dr Planet in. The therapeutic properties of Dr Planet's pure essential oils offer all natural benefits to your health. Your pet's bodies also are safe in Dr Planet's nourishing lather

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Dr Planet is not just for your body in the bathroom, as our bodies carry us through our day caring for ourselves in our homes, the care for your body should not stop there. Dr Planet gives an honest premium soap wash, harking back to the time when the clean soap smell and sparkle showed cleanliness rather than an artificial chemical residue we have become accustomed to. Dishes, laundry, all home surfaces and more can have the Dr Planet's fresh and vibrant clean.  Premium grease cutting and antibacterial properties has Dr Planet a welcome cleaner to clean with where you are not assaulted with a toxic load. A fresh and honest clean awaits.


Dr Planet's is true to it's name. Dr Planet's premium ingredients and production provides health benefits not just to our bodies but to our earth too. Dr Planet is kind going into our water ways and biodegrades. Dr Planet replaces 15 other common household cleaning products thus reducing packaging and carbon miles to start with. And as Dr Planet is made with over 80% ingredients local to it's manufacturing area, proves another win for our planet. Dr planet is also available in bulk refill options for stores and homes. No Palm Oil and Vegan

 We all have the same thing in common. We want healthy bodies, we want safe homes, we want a thriving planet.

 Dr Planet is just what the doctor ordered. Prescribe Dr Planet how you like, you know your medicine

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