This is a great example of the savings to be had when you buy in bulk. Get two litres for free in bulk savings when you purchase this pack;


One bottle for the kitchen, one bottle for the laundry, one bottle for the bathroom and a big 5 Litre Bulk bottle so you can do your own bulk refills.


Run your whole home with just 500mls of Dr Planet for one week for a household of 4 members. Use Dr Planet exclusively for all body, bathroom, kitchen. laundry and home cleaning needs. Read more here.


This great offer contains;

3 x 500mls bottles 

1 x 5 litre bottle - will provide 10 refills and Bulk Savings = 2 litres FREE!

Dr Planet's Bulk for Beginners!

  • Saponified Victorian Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Salt and Pure Essential Oils

    All products are Vegan and contain NO Palm Oils

  • > 2.5kg $15
    2.5kg - 6kg $20
    6kg - 12kg $30
    > 12kg $40



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