Our bodies, bathrooms, laundries, kitchens and pets can all bathe in this miracle lather. Vegan and palm oil free, once you try it your washing habits will never be the same again.


Run your whole household of 4 members with just 500mls of Dr Planet used exclusively for 1 week.


A thick luxurious formula made with high quality pure essential oils (no inferior fragrances)


You can enjoy the following benefits throughout your whole home whether you are bathing, washing dishes, sleeping in your freshly cleaned bedding and more...


Peppermint oil naturally cleanses the skin and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It has a cooling effect which soothes irritation and inflammation.


Lavender oil is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to heal minor burns and bug bites. Research suggests that it may be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness.


Dr Planet Liquid Castile soap has been handcrafted with 80% all natural Victorian ingredients. No inferior derivatives. Pure, whole ingredients full of vitality.


We use a vinyl label that is water and UV resistant so that you can keep reusing the bottle for years. Just take to your local refilling station or order a refill bottle right here!


Here's a breakdown of the money you save from buying in our bulk sizes.


Bulk 2.5 litres @ $60 or  5 x 500ml bottles @ $84.75 Bulk Saving = 1 litre free.


Buy 5 litres @ $120 or 10 x 500ml bottles @ $169.50  Bulk Saving = 2 litres free.


Buy 10 litres @ $240 or 20 x 500ml bottles @ $339 Bulk Saving = 4 ltres free.


Buy 20 litres @ $480 or 40 x 500ml bottles $678 Bulk Saving = 8 litres free.



All bottles and bulk sizes are Australian made and recyclable.


Dr Planet's Peppermint and Lavender Range

  • Saponified Victorian Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Salt and Pure Essential Oils

    All products are Vegan and contain NO Palm Oils