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Dr Planet in the Bathroom


Only the Best

Dr Planet is made with whole pure ingredients. No derivatives. Our ingredients can be found in the most luxurious of body washes, where body wash is the only specified use and it s double the price. Check out other eco body washes and see what we mean.


Dr Planet is the soap of choice used by many healthcare professionals who need to wash their hands regularly and find other soaps dry their skin. With Dr Planet hands feel more nourished after having Dr Planer lathered in than before the wash. This is the same for your body, the more you lather Dr Planet into your skin, the more nourished and moisturized it will feel. 


We believed we deserved to enjoy these premium ingredients while we bath our bodies firstly and then secondly while our bodies care for us in our homes through out the day. So please do not feel like you are using a dish-washing solution in the shower but rather a luxurious body and face wash on your hands and dishes. How is that for a turn of events! 


Our Unscented Dr Planet is great for those with extra sensitive skin. Unscented also offers the opportunity to add the essential oils of your choice for whatever mood or health benefit you would like to par take in. Add 1% essential oils to soap ratio. Some essential oils may thicken or thin Dr Planet, either way it will not effect Dr Planet's performance.

Rescue Range


Natural hair loves Dr Planet. While there is not the excess artificial foam from foaming agents, there are lovely gentle bubbles from a pure and natural soap. It may sound strange to have a soap wash our hair, as we have been very conditioned that shampoo is something different, however shampoo is another name for a soap for the hair. Dr Planet has excellent grease cleaning properties, without the toxic chemicals. Scalps can even be invigorated from the roots with Dr Planet's essential oils massaged in. 

 A hairdresser that attends nursing homes caring for the residents hair has found where some sensitive scalps were bloody and scabbed before Dr Planet, these cleared up within 2 weeks after Dr Planet reduced the scalps toxic load and was able to nourish the sensitive skin. 

While we use a pure olive oil base, this does not leave a greasy residue but rather cleans and nourishes at the same time, with the added essential oil benefits. Our hair is so close to all our senses, it is an important part of our body to seriously consider when washing with chemicals. 

Some coloured hair love Dr Planet and others do not. When hair is coloured it can change the condition of the hair dramatically, so it is on an individual basis the effectiveness of Dr Planet works on coloured hair.

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20mls or 10 pumps from Dr Planet's 500ml pump bottle into a bath for a soothing and nourishing soak. You may like to add a little more or less. It is very personal. Your bath will have Dr Planet's essential oils work their magic, while soaking your skin in Dr Planet's nourishing olive oil.


Lather Dr Planet into your hands before applying to your face or legs and enjoy a rich cream like lotion that will moisturise and invigorate skin with olive and essential oils. Dr Planet also provides an antibacterial preparation too.

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10ml or 5 pumps from Dr Planet's 500ml pump bottles into a basin of warm water and Dr Planet provides a nourishing foot soak. Dr Planet's olive oil moisturises, essential oils provide their therapeutic benefits, the soap provides antibacterial properties. A good time to remember that Dr Planet's unscented formula can have your own essential oils added to it with the 1% essential oil to soap ratio

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