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20mls or 10 pumps from Dr Planet's 500ml pump bottles into the soap dispenser of your washing machine( top and from loader can enjoy the same quantities) is all that you need for an excellent laundry wash. A hark back to the time when clothes smelt like fresh clean soap instead of heavily scented chemicals and fragrances. Whites, sheets and towels can even enjoy a little boost with a table spoon of traditional non toxic washing soda, though it is not necessary. Opening the washing machine becomes a welcome treat when you are met with your aromatherapy hit.

Once you reduce your toxic load on the textiles front, walking down the laundry aisle of the supermarket becomes a grand assault on the senses as does sleeping in a bed, drying with towels or wearing clothes washed in your typical laundry cleaner. Your body after being able to recover from the toxic load it needed to become accustomed to previously, relaxes into the simple honest clean of Dr Planet and you will no longer tolerate inferior cleaners. You ll see!

Guest accommodations can welcome their guests with Dr Planet's benefits, so as not to disrupt a detoxed body. This is some great promotional information you may like to have available to your guests. Linens  and venue cleaned with Dr Planet, a non toxic premium cleaner



10 mls or 5 pumps from Dr Planet's 500ml bottle can be safely added to a soaking bucket to give clothes a nice pre soak. A simple, quality soap soak is a great option , particularly for your woolens.

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A pump or a dash of Dr Planet onto a spot stain with a little scrub, with or without a little warm water lifts stains beautifully. You will see all sorts of stains lift before your eyes. Curry, tomatoe sauce, mud, blood and mysterious grease stains, all on common rotation in our home, melt away with Dr Planet's premium quality soap formula. The higher quality your ingredients, the higher quality clean with added benefits for your skin and going down your drains.

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