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Australian Castile Soap

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What is Castile soap?

Castile soap is an olive oil based soap originating from Castile in Spain.
It is the oldest way of making soap, its roots dating back millennia.

It was found that by mixing the ashes from the fire with water and olive oil and mixing rigorously, a cleaning agent could be created.  The ash contained potassium hydroxide, the catalyst that chemically changes the oils into soap through a process called saponification.
These days the potassium hydroxide comes in a refined form.

Other oils can be added and it is still considered Castile soap as long as olive oil is the main ingredient.

At Dr Planet, we use over 70% Victorian Olive Oil, some Coconut and Castor oil.
We use essential oils for the scented varieties and a small amount of good old fashioned salt to thicken it into a beautiful golden liquid.

Why use Castile Soap

Todays commercial soaps have been tweeked and twisted to reduce the costs of ingredients and the labour involved. By adding a long list of toxic ingredients to get a better lather, to increase shelf life, to lower surface tension, synthetic fragrances for their economic advantages, we have seen the use of these products comes at other costs.

This has led to an epidemic of allergies and cancers, the skin being the largest organ of the body, absorbs all these toxins without discernment.

A return to old fashioned ways can sometimes be a revolution.

What is old is new again.

Home: Welcome



Our kitchens, laundries, bathroom, bodies, pets and all can bathe in this natural product. Vegan and palm oil free, once you try it your washing habits will never be the same again.

Snake oil you ask? Nay, what is old is new again! One handmade soap is all that is required. The good doctor's elixir. Day-to-day chores become an opportunity for a medicinal aromatherapy hit and to bask in the sublime Doctor Planet fragrances.

Roll up, roll up and do away with the modern ages paradigm of a different soap for every part of the home. Do away with feelings of de-humanising sanitation. Welcome to the soul stirrings, welcome the traditional, welcome the hand-made, welcome loving care, welcome change and say hello to Doctor Planet!

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Body and Face Wash, Shampoo,
Lather and use as
Shaving Cream,
Foot soak

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All you need to know to begin your sustainable cleaning journey with Dr Planet Liquid Castile Soap! In this edition we guide you through the basics, including the recommended beginners pack and all the areas Dr Planet can be used in your home to keep it fresh and clean without the harmful chemicals. We also include some more advanced tried and tested cleaning recipes to up your cleaning game!


We love Dr Planet here... use it in our home and in my felting and fashion lines.

Carla Rose @elemental_leaf

Peppermint & Lavender


Dr Planet has a rich gel type consistency, beautifully richer and thicker than other Castile soaps.

Our ingredients are whole and natural. We only use pure essential oils, not fragrances. All of our products are vegan and palm oil free. We are a concentrate, so a little goes a long way.

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